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Haiti: Carel Pedre tweets signal Martelly campaign unraveling


Pro-Martelly deejay Carel Pèdre

Here are some revealing tweets by Haiti-based deejay, journalist and radio star Carel Pedre who has endorsed and campaigned for Haitian presidential candidate Michel “Sweet Micky”  Martelly. He praised the singer-candidate last November to American journalist Emily Troutman. Note that his Twitter avatar bears the pink Twibbon some Martelly fans are donning in support of his March 20 bid for the earthquake-ridden country’s highest office.

The Twitter accounts of Mr. Pedre, his interlocutor and  @ZoGrann are all open and accessible to all and so the information captured below is PUBLIC. Micky’s associates like to boast about their so-called social media literacy but their use of technology tools is as irresponsible as their candidate’s management of his personal finances

Here is what the deejay, made famous by his tweets on the January 12, 2010 earthquake, tweeted on March 8th about a debate that aired Saturday on Radio Television Caraïbes (RTVC)’s debate show Ranmase(Micky was represented by singer Jacques Sauveur Jean a.k.a. Jakito  and Chantal Merzier Elie.)


(“Jakito and a woman named Chantal represented him vis-à-vis a team of folks from the other side who were better prepared. They were not up to par.”)

About Martelly’s image as a candidate:

("No one is minding the candidate’s image anymore. That’s precisely what I said last Saturday after Ranmase.”)

About Spanish consultants Sola & Associates (SA) who, according to the singer-candidate, are being paid by a Florida “benefactor”:

(“Sola Associates wants people without responsibility to manage the details of the of this mess or it is two people managing a little money.”)

(“Sola Associates does not want the candidate to hit certain areas because his opponent has them in her pocket. ”)

About Sweet Micky’s chances in the March 20th ballot and about the fact that the candidate is neglecting the West department. Carel Pèdre does not seem happy with that strategy by his candidate:

(“If the Martelly camp continue down that road, they are done.”)

(“The woman is focusing on the west, the northeast and Artibonite. The gentleman has not yet done anything serious in the west)

(“It’s a campaign. It has to take place everywhere.”)

About the chaos on Sweet Micky’s carnival float on March 8th:

(“They put the float on the Champ de Mars and then they fled to Jérémie. Looks like no one of importance was minding the float.”)

(“Don’t tell me those guys were dancing on the Sweet Micky float? WTF? Did they get on the float on their own?”)

Looks like the Micky camp is loosing optimism and morale.

Is this the beginning of the end of Sweet Micky’s bid for Haiti’s highest office? 


Haitian presidential candidate “Sweet Micky”

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